Charles Jay


Charles Jay Biography

Charles Jay

(b. 1947)

Charles Jay is a native of Morton, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. On a whim Charles entered a juried art exhibition. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia and spent three years in Paris, painting and exhibiting. In June of 1975, French art critic Robert Vrinat wrote: “Charles Jay is an excellent painter in his very realistic manner, which attains a ‘trompe l’oeil’ quality. His subject is flowers, with or without insects. These require flawless expertise. While the flowers, in order to yield such truth of presence, already call for special concentration, mastery of draftsmanship and color sensitivity, together with long experience – the insects in the meticulous portrayal of their monstrosities of structure and detail, demand almost diabolical precision – exceptional precision!”

Although he began his career painting in watercolor, Jay soon turned to oils, choosing to render floral subjects in the trompe l’oeil manner. After returning to the United States, Jay continued to exhibit, winning numerous awards in local exhibitions as well as show throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He is represented in private and corporate collections in the United States and Europe.