Artist: James Abbott
James Abbott
Artist: Lucien Abrams
Lucien Abrams
Artist: Woodhull Adams
Woodhull Adams
Artist: Eric Aho
Eric Aho
Artist: Ernest Albert
Ernest Albert
Dinghys rest on this rocky beach next to a house and a fishing shack in Maine by painter Junius Allen.
Junius Allen
Artist: American Folk
American Folk
A child with brown ringlets under a flowered straw gazes softly  down and away from the viewer.
American School
Artist: American School (19th c.)
American School (19th c.)
Artist: Oscar Anderson
Oscar Anderson
An oil on paper this vibrant painting of sea and sky by Robert Andriulli.
Robert Andriulli
A tall vase of irises is precisely rendered in this large tabletop still-life with images of the Italian alps in the background by James Aponovich.
James Aponovich
Artist: Artist Unknown
Artist Unknown
Artist: Att to Gericault
Att to Gericault
Artist: Attributed to James Carroll Beckwith
Attributed to James Carroll Beckwith
Artist: John Austin
John Austin
Artist: F. Julia Bach
F. Julia Bach
Artist: Ralph Baker
Ralph Baker
Artist: William Bliss Baker
William Bliss Baker
A brigantine under full sail navigates churlish seas with large looming clouds in the distance in this painting by Thomas Ball.
Thomas Watson Ball
Artist: Beatrice Harper Banning
Beatrice Harper Banning
Artist: Eline Barclay
Eline Barclay
Artist: Al Barker
Al Barker
Artist: Lisa Barsumian
Lisa Barsumian
Artist: Paul Batch
Paul Batch
Artist: Kenneth Bates
Kenneth Bates
Artist: Bruce Beasley
Bruce Beasley
Artist: Cecilia Beaux
Cecilia Beaux
Artist: Sean Beavers
Sean Beavers
A fair haired woman dressed in black with a white lace collar looks down, her hand on her chin, as if in contemplation in this painting by Carroll Beckwith.
J(ames) Carroll Beckwith
Albert Bellows painted the leaves and trees surrounding this forest path in almost photographic detail in the style of the Preraphaelites.
Albert Fitch Bellows
Artist: George Wesley Bellows
George Wesley Bellows
Painted fields of color with evident brushwork make up this abstraction by Ruud Bergmans.
Ruud Bergmans
Two yellow iris blossoms are silhouetted against cloudless blue sky iin this painting by Michael Bergt.
Michael Bergt
In this watercolor Sandor Bernath creates a portrait of a lobster shack with crisp lines and surrounded by pilings against the backdrop of a cove presumably in Maine.
Sandor Bernath
Artist: Frank Alfred Bicknell
Frank Alfred Bicknell
watercolor of a young girl in a white confirmation dress with a candle
Olive Bigelow
Artist: Daniel F. Bigelow
Daniel F. Bigelow
Artist: Ralph Alfred Blakelock
Ralph Alfred Blakelock
Artist: Carle J. Blenner
Carle J. Blenner
Artist: Jim Boone
Jim Boone
Artist: (John) Rutherford Boyd
(John) Rutherford Boyd
Artist: Robert Brackman
Robert Brackman
Artist: Antonietta Brandeis
Antonietta Brandeis
Artist: Christian Brechneff
Christian Brechneff
Artist: Fanny Brennan
Fanny Brennan
Artist: Anna Mary Richards Brewster
Anna Mary Richards Brewster
Artist: Fidelia Bridges
Fidelia Bridges
Artist: John Bunyan Bristol
John Bunyan Bristol
Artist: Anna Mariah Brown
Anna Mariah Brown
Artist: J. Appleton Brown
J. Appleton Brown
Artist: Paul Coventry Brown
Paul Coventry Brown
Artist: Matilda Browne
Matilda Browne
Artist: Charles DeWolf Brownell
Charles DeWolf Brownell
A jumbled still life of fruit cascading from a basket on a piece of driftwood floating on air by Bruckman is painted realistically and in the magic realist style.
Lodewijk Karel Bruckman
Artist: Bertram G. Bruestle
Bertram G. Bruestle
A dark foreground with a rutted road leads to a grouping of farm buildings and two large haystacks int his painting by George Brustle.
George M. Bruestle
This painting is a close up of marigolds growns among rocks and shade.
Frederick Bucholtz
Artist: Michael Budden
Michael Budden
Thickly painted images of peonies are in stark light out from a dark background set in a blue and white tall vase.
William Gedney Bunce
Artist: Dennis Miller Bunker
Dennis Miller Bunker
Artist: Horace R. Burdick
Horace R. Burdick
Artist: William Partridge Burpee
William Partridge Burpee
Softly painted with loose brushstrokes this painting focuses on a small clump of irises in a field.
Fannie C. Burr
A small work of loosely painted of a lake with land on either side and mountains in the background under a gray sky by Saxton Burr.
H. Saxton Burr
Artist: Norton Bush
Norton Bush
Artist: James E. Buttersworth
James E. Buttersworth
Sunlight reflects on a darkened streamed bordered by flowers in this oil painting.
Albert Prentice Button
Bare autumn trees with remnants of brown leaves stand over a field of brown brush in front of a barn and silo by Gershon Camassar.
Gershon Camassar
Artist: Anna Field Cameron
Anna Field Cameron
Artist: Blendon Reed Campbell
Blendon Reed Campbell
Artist: George Edward Candee
George Edward Candee
Artist: Helen Cantrell
Helen Cantrell
Artist: Dines Carlsen
Dines Carlsen
Artist: Emil Carlsen
Emil Carlsen
Artist: John F. Carlson
John F. Carlson
Artist: Jerry Caron
Jerry Caron
Artist: John W. Casilear
John W. Casilear
Artist: William Chadwick
William Chadwick
Artist: Benjamin Champney
Benjamin Champney
Artist: Carlton T. Chapman
Carlton T. Chapman
Charles Oliver painted small sections of color and pattern overlaying each other giving a sense of perspective.
Olivier Charles
Artist: Chen Chi
Chen Chi
Warm washes of deep color looking like a late sunset sky.
Kay Knight Clarke
Artist: Lee Cliff
Lee Cliff
Artist: Lewis Cohen
Lewis Cohen
Artist: Joseph Foxcroft Cole
Joseph Foxcroft Cole
Artist: Samuel Colman
Samuel Colman
Artist: Colin Campbell Cooper
Colin Campbell Cooper
Artist: Steve Cope
Steve Cope
This interior scene of an auction where figures in hats and coats are crowded around the table of an auctioneer.
Armand Coussens
Artist: John Rogers Cox
John Rogers Cox
Artist: Brian S. Craig-Wankiiri
Brian S. Craig-Wankiiri
Artist: Bruce Crane
Bruce Crane
Artist: William H. Crocker
William H. Crocker
Artist: Beatrice Lavis Cuming
Beatrice Lavis Cuming
Artist: Charles Courtney Curran
Charles Courtney Curran
Artist: Edward L. Custer
Edward L. Custer
Artist: Leon Dabo
Leon Dabo
Artist: Charles Harold Davis
Charles Harold Davis
Artist: Warren B. Davis
Warren B. Davis
Artist: Lockwood de Forest
Lockwood de Forest
Artist: Willem de Zwart
Willem de Zwart
Puffy clouds cap the green peaks of the island surrounded by blue waters.
Hugh deHaven
Artist: Roger Dennis
Roger Dennis
DElicate spring leaves overhang a path towards the water.
Elizabeth Dessar
Artist: Louis Paul Dessar
Louis Paul Dessar
Artist: F. Usher DeVoll
F. Usher DeVoll
Artist: Mstislav, Valerianovich Dobuzhinsky
Mstislav, Valerianovich Dobuzhinsky
Artist: Clement Drew
Clement Drew
Artist: Evelyn Dubiel
Evelyn Dubiel
Artist: Edward Dufner
Edward Dufner
Artist: Frank Vincent DuMond
Frank Vincent DuMond
Artist: Elizabeth Dumond
Elizabeth Dumond
Artist: Helen Savier DuMond
Helen Savier DuMond
Artist: Carol Dunn
Carol Dunn
Richly painted trees border the edges of a rocky pasture.
Jules Dupre
Artist: Charles Harry (Henry) Eaton
Charles Harry (Henry) Eaton
Artist: Mary Roberts Ebert
Mary Roberts Ebert
Artist: Charles Henry Ebert
Charles Henry Ebert
Artist: Frederic C. Ede
Frederic C. Ede
Artist: Max Eglau
Max Eglau
Artist: Lemuel D. Eldred
Lemuel D. Eldred
Artist: Caro(lyn) Alden  Weir Ely
Caro(lyn) Alden Weir Ely
Soft colors evoke a road going into a distant horizon.
Elizabeth Enders
Artist: English School
English School
Artist: John J(oseph) Enneking
John J(oseph) Enneking
Artist: J(oseph) Eliot Enneking
J(oseph) Eliot Enneking
Artist: Gary Erbe
Gary Erbe
Artist: Henry Farrer
Henry Farrer
Artist: David FeBland
David FeBland
Artist: Frederick M. Fenetti
Frederick M. Fenetti
Artist: Ralf Feyl
Ralf Feyl
Artist: Alvan Fisher
Alvan Fisher
Artist: John Lee Fitch
John Lee Fitch
Artist: Ben(jamin) Foster
Ben(jamin) Foster
Artist: Charles B. Foster
Charles B. Foster
Mist hangs over a summer garden.
Linden Frederick
Artist: Judy Friday
Judy Friday
Artist: Laurel B. Friedmann
Laurel B. Friedmann
Artist: Charles Lewis Fussell
Charles Lewis Fussell
Artist: Edward B. Gay
Edward B. Gay
Artist: Walter Gay
Walter Gay
Artist: William Hamilton Gibson
William Hamilton Gibson
A highly realistic portrait of a trigger fish.
Violetta Glemser
Sun sets along a rocky coast.
Jacqueline Gnott
Artist: Jan Cummings Good
Jan Cummings Good
Artist: Jasper Goodrich
Jasper Goodrich
Artist: Barbara Eckhardt Goodwin
Barbara Eckhardt Goodwin
Artist: Edward B. Gordon
Edward B. Gordon
Artist: Edmund Greacen
Edmund Greacen
Artist: Marie Zoe Green-Mercier
Marie Zoe Green-Mercier
Artist: Joseph H. Greenwood
Joseph H. Greenwood
Artist: Walter Griffin
Walter Griffin
Artist: Paul Louis Narcisse Grolleron
Paul Louis Narcisse Grolleron
Artist: Emile A. Gruppe
Emile A. Gruppe
Artist: Zbigniew Grzyb
Zbigniew Grzyb
Artist: David Hagerbaumer
David Hagerbaumer
Artist: George Henry Hall
George Henry Hall
Artist: Thomas King Hanna
Thomas King Hanna
Artist: Chester Harding
Chester Harding
Artist: Anna Eliza Hardy
Anna Eliza Hardy
Artist: Richard Clarke Hare
Richard Clarke Hare
Artist: Robert Harms
Robert Harms
Artist: James McDougal Hart
James McDougal Hart
Artist: Carl Hasch
Carl Hasch
A black and white etching of the Old Lyme church.
Childe Hassam
Artist: Mark Hatfield
Mark Hatfield
A charming 19th century drawing of a clipper ship in a scallop shell.
George M. Hathaway
Artist: Charles H. Hayden
Charles H. Hayden
Artist: Arthur Merton Hazard
Arthur Merton Hazard
Artist: Martin Johnson Heade
Martin Johnson Heade
Artist: Henri Hecht Maik
Henri Hecht Maik
Artist: J. Heins
J. Heins
Artist: Hermann Herzog
Hermann Herzog
Artist: Aldro T. Hibbard
Aldro T. Hibbard
Artist: Eugene Higgins
Eugene Higgins
Artist: William Henry Hilliard
William Henry Hilliard
Artist: Laura Coombs Hills
Laura Coombs Hills
Artist: Harry L(eslie) Hoffman
Harry L(eslie) Hoffman
Artist: Beatrice A. Hoffman
Beatrice A. Hoffman
Artist: Glen Holland
Glen Holland
Artist: Cindy House
Cindy House
Artist: William Henry Howe
William Henry Howe
Artist: Richard William Hubbard
Richard William Hubbard
Artist: Platt Hubbard
Platt Hubbard
Artist: Frank Townsend Hutchens
Frank Townsend Hutchens
Artist: John  O'Brien Inman
John O'Brien Inman
Artist: George Inness
George Inness
Artist: Wilson H. Irvine
Wilson H. Irvine
Artist: Charles Jay
Charles Jay
Artist: Leo Jensen
Leo Jensen
Artist: Eastman Johnson
Eastman Johnson
Artist: Oriana Kacicek
Oriana Kacicek
Artist: Barbara Kacicek
Barbara Kacicek
Artist: William Jurian Kaula
William Jurian Kaula
Artist: Deane G. Keller
Deane G. Keller
Artist: Morteza Khakshoor
Morteza Khakshoor
Artist: Albert F. King
Albert F. King
Artist: Elbridge Kingsley
Elbridge Kingsley
Artist: Patricia C. Kitchings
Patricia C. Kitchings
Artist: Louis Aston Knight
Louis Aston Knight
Artist: Susan Ricker Knox
Susan Ricker Knox
Artist: Johann H. Kretzcshmer
Johann H. Kretzcshmer
Artist: Leon Kroll
Leon Kroll
Artist: Robert M. Kulicke
Robert M. Kulicke
Artist: Paul LaCroix
Paul LaCroix
Artist: Jac Lahav
Jac Lahav
Artist: Louis Lassalle
Louis Lassalle
Artist: Carl E. Lawless
Carl E. Lawless
Artist: T. Allen Lawson
T. Allen Lawson
An intricately painted box of gold, black and red lacquer.
Marjeta Lederman
Artist: Cliff Lee
Cliff Lee
Artist: Doris Emrick Lee
Doris Emrick Lee
Artist: E.H. Leslie
E.H. Leslie
Artist: Donna Levinstone
Donna Levinstone
Artist: James Morgan Lewin
James Morgan Lewin
Artist: Sol LeWitt
Sol LeWitt
Artist: Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Lichtenstein
A drawing of a large beetle.
Curly Lieber
Artist: William Henry Lippincott
William Henry Lippincott
Artist: Dorothea M. Litzinger
Dorothea M. Litzinger
Artist: Gigi Horr Liverant
Gigi Horr Liverant
Artist: Lydia Eastwick Longacre
Lydia Eastwick Longacre
Artist: Breta Longacre
Breta Longacre
Artist: Tim Lovejoy
Tim Lovejoy
Artist: Luigi Lucioni
Luigi Lucioni
Artist: Harriet Randall Lumis
Harriet Randall Lumis
Artist: Lundberg Studios
Lundberg Studios
Artist: Elmer Livingston MacRae
Elmer Livingston MacRae
Artist: Wendall Macrae
Wendall Macrae
Artist: Catherine Maize
Catherine Maize
Artist: Charles Marburg
Charles Marburg
Artist: George J. Marinko
George J. Marinko
Artist: Mahlon Henry (M. Harry) Marlin
Mahlon Henry (M. Harry) Marlin
Artist: Molly Marsh
Molly Marsh
A vertical painting of a coastal scene at low tide.
Doug Martenson
Artist: Mary J. Maxam
Mary J. Maxam
Artist: A. Mayer
A. Mayer
Artist: Lawrence Mazzanovich
Lawrence Mazzanovich
Artist: James McBey
James McBey
Artist: Maureen McCabe
Maureen McCabe
Artist: George McConnell
George McConnell
Artist: George  Herbert McCord
George Herbert McCord
This bronze by Michael McLaughlin depicts two mice, one holding an acorn at the base of an oaks tree.
Michael J. McLaughlin
Artist: Willard Leroy Metcalf
Willard Leroy Metcalf
Artist: William Rickarby Miller
William Rickarby Miller
A maid attends to a woman reclining on a chaise.
Francis David Millet
Artist: Florence Minard
Florence Minard
A darkened landscape contrasts with the fading light of an evening sky.
Robert Crandall Minor, Sr.
Artist: (After) Piet Cornelius Mondrian
(After) Piet Cornelius Mondrian
Artist: Michael Montanaro
Michael Montanaro
Artist: Nelson Augustus Moore
Nelson Augustus Moore
Artist: F. Luis Mora
F. Luis Mora
Artist: Mary Nimmo Moran
Mary Nimmo Moran
Artist: Edward Movitz
Edward Movitz
Artist: Nellie Littlehale Murphy
Nellie Littlehale Murphy
Artist: Hermann  Dudley Murphy
Hermann Dudley Murphy
Artist: John  Francis Murphy
John Francis Murphy
Chickens roam freely in front of a little farmhouse.
Ada C(lifford) Murphy
Artist: Charles Frederick Naegele
Charles Frederick Naegele
This etching of a lone fisherman by a forest stream is the work of print maker Thomas Nason
Thomas Willoughby Nason
Artist: George Laurence Nelson
George Laurence Nelson
Artist: G. Glenn Newell
G. Glenn Newell
Artist: Rhoda Carleton Holmes Nicholls
Rhoda Carleton Holmes Nicholls
Artist: Robert Hogg Nisbet
Robert Hogg Nisbet
Artist: Elizabeth Nourse
Elizabeth Nourse
Artist: Barbara Novak
Barbara Novak
Artist: George Loftus Noyes
George Loftus Noyes
An etching of a sled leaning against a tree.
Marian L. O'Connell
Artist: Achsah O'Donovan
Achsah O'Donovan
Artist: Dorothy Ochtman
Dorothy Ochtman
Artist: Leonard Ochtman
Leonard Ochtman
Artist: Mina Fonda Ochtman
Mina Fonda Ochtman
Artist: Moyo Okediji
Moyo Okediji
Artist: Tosca Olinsky
Tosca Olinsky
Artist: Ivan G. Olinsky
Ivan G. Olinsky
A map like watercolor of blues and grays.
Elvira Ormaechea
Artist: Louis Orr
Louis Orr
Artist: Robert Emmett Owen
Robert Emmett Owen
Trees cast dappled shadows by a stone wall in a snowy field.
Walter Launt Palmer
Artist: Pauline Palmer
Pauline Palmer
Artist: Gustav Palminteri
Gustav Palminteri
Artist: Ethel Easton Paxson
Ethel Easton Paxson
Artist: Charles Sprague Pearce
Charles Sprague Pearce
Artist: Marguerite Stuber Pearson
Marguerite Stuber Pearson
Artist: Henry Pearson
Henry Pearson
Artist: Joseph Pennell
Joseph Pennell
Artist: Jeanine Pennell
Jeanine Pennell
Artist: Lila Cabot Perry
Lila Cabot Perry
Artist: Jane Peterson
Jane Peterson
Artist: Adria Peterson
Adria Peterson
Artist: John Frederick Peto
John Frederick Peto
Artist: Robert Phillipp
Robert Phillipp
A pastel of a detail of a plum.
Paul Plante
Artist: Charles Adams Platt
Charles Adams Platt
Artist: Ogden Minton Pleissner
Ogden Minton Pleissner
Artist: Abram Poole
Abram Poole
Artist: Henry Rankin Poore
Henry Rankin Poore
Artist: Charles Ethan Porter
Charles Ethan Porter
Artist: William Merritt Post
William Merritt Post
Artist: Arthur James Emery Powell
Arthur James Emery Powell
Artist: Corey Pressman
Corey Pressman
Artist: Deborah Quinn-Munson
Deborah Quinn-Munson
Artist: Kelly Leahy Radding
Kelly Leahy Radding
Artist: Walter Rane
Walter Rane
Artist: Henry Ward Ranger
Henry Ward Ranger
Artist: Chet Reneson
Chet Reneson
Artist: Charles H. Richert
Charles H. Richert
Artist: Horace Wolcott Robbins
Horace Wolcott Robbins
Artist: Ellen Robbins, Attributed to
Ellen Robbins, Attributed to
Autumn Still life of oak branches in a vase by Magical Realist, Priscila Roberts
Priscilla Warren Roberts
White birches grace a late summer landscape in oil by Old Lyme Impressionist William S. Robinson
William S. Robinson
Artist: Severin Roesen
Severin Roesen
Artist: Joyce Roessler
Joyce Roessler
Artist: Edward F. Rook
Edward F. Rook
Artist: Peggy N. Root
Peggy N. Root
Artist: Tom Root
Tom Root
Artist: Percival Leonard Rosseau
Percival Leonard Rosseau
Artist: Chauncey Foster Ryder
Chauncey Foster Ryder
Artist: Paul E. Saling
Paul E. Saling
A field of blue, all blue makes up this painting by Ludwig Sander.
Ludwig R. Sander
Artist: Josef Scheffel
Josef Scheffel
Artist: Franklin Lewis Schenck
Franklin Lewis Schenck
Artist: J. Phillip Schmand
J. Phillip Schmand
White peonies glow in a square glass vase.
Katy Schneider
Artist: Wilhem Schroter
Wilhem Schroter
Artist: Charles Seliger
Charles Seliger
Artist: Prosper L. Senat
Prosper L. Senat
Artist: Henry Sene
Henry Sene
Artist: Frederick Lester Sexton
Frederick Lester Sexton
Trees with various shades of autumn glow near a creek in the painting by Aaron Shattuck.
Aaron Draper Shattuck
Deep blues fill this nocturne of a forest.
Wiliam Shattuck
Artist: Charles Green Shaw
Charles Green Shaw
Artist: Dennis Sheehan
Dennis Sheehan
Artist: Warren W. Sheppard
Warren W. Sheppard
Artist: Rosina Emmet Sherwood
Rosina Emmet Sherwood
A young woman wearing a large hat and with her arms crossed looks away from the viewer.
Aaron Shikler
Artist: Roswell Morse Shurtleff
Roswell Morse Shurtleff
A circle of finely rendered black and white lines, set in a field of blue create this precisionist work by Sewell Sillman.
Sewell Sillman
Artist: Michael P. Silver
Michael P. Silver
Artist: Caleb Arnold Slade
Caleb Arnold Slade
Artist: Elizabeth Slayton
Elizabeth Slayton
Artist: (Edward) Gregory Smith
(Edward) Gregory Smith
Artist: Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith
Artist: Pat Smith
Pat Smith
Artist: Rafael Soares
Rafael Soares
Artist: Angelita Surmon
Angelita Surmon
A watercolor of the letter "B" surrounded by images of bats.
Samuel Swap
Artist: Allen Butler Talcott
Allen Butler Talcott
Artist: Julia Talcott
Julia Talcott
Artist: Eleanor Tamsky
Eleanor Tamsky
Artist: John C. E. Taylor
John C. E. Taylor
Artist: Aaron the Great
Aaron the Great
Artist: Michael Theise
Michael Theise
Artist: George Albert Thompson
George Albert Thompson
Artist: Carl Nicholas Titolo
Carl Nicholas Titolo
Artist: Marion Gray Traver
Marion Gray Traver
Artist: Daniel Truth
Daniel Truth
Artist: Jules Turcas
Jules Turcas
Artist: Judy Tuwaletstiwa
Judy Tuwaletstiwa
Artist: John Henry Twachtman
John Henry Twachtman
Artist: Eric Twachtman
Eric Twachtman
Artist: John Urbain
John Urbain
Artist: Jan Van Essen
Jan Van Essen
Artist: A. T. Van Laer
A. T. Van Laer
Artist: Rembrandt Van Rijn
Rembrandt Van Rijn
Artist: Thomas Kirby Van Zandt
Thomas Kirby Van Zandt
Artist: Elihu Vedder
Elihu Vedder
Artist: Edward Volkert
Edward Volkert
Artist: Robert William Vonnoh
Robert William Vonnoh
Artist: Clark Greenwood Voorhees
Clark Greenwood Voorhees
Artist: Clark Voorhees
Clark Voorhees
Artist: George Vranesh
George Vranesh
Artist: George Burrette Waldo
George Burrette Waldo
Artist: David Birdsey Walkley
David Birdsey Walkley
Artist: Everett Longley Warner
Everett Longley Warner
Artist: Harry Willson Watrous
Harry Willson Watrous
Artist: Frederick Judd Waugh
Frederick Judd Waugh
A master etcher this portrait of a child wearing a broad hat and carrying a doll by J. Alden Weir charms.
Julian Alden Weir
Artist: Jerry Weiss
Jerry Weiss
Artist: Thaddeus Welch
Thaddeus Welch
Artist: Daniel F. Wentworth
Daniel F. Wentworth
Artist: William Ruthven Wheeler
William Ruthven Wheeler
Artist: James McNeil Whistler
James McNeil Whistler
Artist: Henry Cooke White
Henry Cooke White
Artist: Thomas Worthington Whittredge
Thomas Worthington Whittredge
Artist: Gustave Adolph Wiegand
Gustave Adolph Wiegand
Artist: Lucy E. Wiester
Lucy E. Wiester
Artist: Guy A. Wiggins
Guy A. Wiggins
Artist: J. Carleton Wiggins
J. Carleton Wiggins
Artist: Guy C. Wiggins
Guy C. Wiggins
Artist: Robert D. Wilkie
Robert D. Wilkie
Artist: John Williamson
John Williamson
Artist: Eli Wilner
Eli Wilner
Artist: George Wingate
George Wingate
Artist: Louis Wolchonok
Louis Wolchonok
Artist: Frank Kenneth Wood
Frank Kenneth Wood